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Super Human Platform

The ITON's Super Human Platform – A powerful collaboration of features that lets you manage, deploy and run apps in the most effective way. It offers an exceptional platform for running your applications. It brings together remarkable features that can provide you with comprehensive options for managing your applications successfully.


With ITON's Super Human Platform, organizations can build, deploy and run apps in a fast and efficient way. It is a cloud based platform that offers a wide range of options to feature various components including the following:

  • Apps
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Image Galley
  • Drive
  • Communication Center

Apps Dashboard

The ITON's Super Human Platform offers an app dashboard that makes it extremely convenient for users. It displays all the subscribed apps to the users and helps them keep track of their applications. Each application can be viewed in a separate tab and use them accordingly. Various widgets pertaining to each app can also be added in the apps dashboard.

Organization Admin

In ITON's Super Human Platform, for organizations an admin panel is provided that can be used for the following:

  • Adding and removing members
  • Publishing apps
  • Editing user settings
  • Editing app settings

The organization admin is extremely useful for keeping track of the number of users using your applications and also for providing access rights.

Apps Store

The ITON's Super Human Platform apps store provides users access to a wide range of apps that are published by various organizations and communities. Users can subscribe for a variety of apps depending on their requirements by visiting the app store.

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